Board Member Elections & President Eligibility

Nominations for 2001 Board razor mx350 dirt rocket of Directors Positions:

  • President (Frank Jarkiewicz)
  • Secretary (Sarah Jarkiewicz)
  • Member-at-Large (Jerry Farrell)
  • Member-at-Large (Scott Batzing)

Nomiation for President:

  • Frank Jarkiewicz – Elected

Nomiations for Secretary:

  • Sarah Jarkiewicz – Elected
  • Irene Fink

Nominations for Member-At-Large (2 Positions):

  • Scott Batzing
  • Jerry Farrell – Elected
  • RJ Whiteside – Elected
  • Mike Doran – Declined before Meeting
  • Tim Anderson – Declined bfeore Meeting

ATTENTION WKA KARTERS – Money Race, September 29th 2007

Limerock Speedway will host a money race forĀ youth dune buggy the Gold Restricted Class and the Stock Medium Class (350 lbs.) on September 29th. $25 kart registration.

Sponsored by:

$300 to win in each class based on a 10 kart minimum. A minimum of 5 positions will be paid out. If there are less than 10 karts, the winner will get $150 to win, and all places will pay back at least the registration fee. Click HERE for payout schedule.

-Pin pulls will determine heat line-ups.
-10 lap heats, 30 lap features.
-WKA engine rules will apply.
-We will tech the top 3 karts in each main.
-All karts must cross the scales after each heat and main.

We will also run a regular program of Restricted power wheels ages 8 up, purple, blue, Outlaw and Extreme karts with a $10 kart registration and regular payout.

All pit entrance fees are $11.

Gates will open at 1:00 pm, one round of practice starting at 3:00 pm, racing will start at 4:00 pm.


Board Member Elections & President Eligibility