Is It Really Possible to Cheat RNGs on Online Slots?

Random Number Generators also known as RNG’s exist in order to prevent any fraudulent activities and to keep a check on the online slots.  The RNGs are a physical device or a computational device which is designed to create a number sequence which does not have any pattern, that is, it would appear random.  There are two types of Random Number Generator.  One is Hardware Random Number Generator and Pseudorandom Number Generator.

Types of RNGs

Hardware Random Number Generator- It is an external device that is connected to the USB port of the casino’s server.  It creates random number by using the compounding values to start with.  Currently, there are different starting points being used to generate these numbers and all these numbers are unpredictable.  It is produced by atmospheric phenomena and mathematical algorithm. These devices are used at offline casinos.

Pseudorandom Number generator- It is created using the mathematical algorithm.   The developers create different software algorithm simulating the roulette wheel.  It will keep on calculating the next result.  When the gambler presses the start button, he expects to win. However, the appearing symbols are already predetermined long before the reels are launched.  Anticipating the outcome and predicting consistency are very much difficult. It is used mainly in online casinos. You can try out the free slot games online to get a feel for it.

Is it possible to hack the RNG?

Theoretically speaking, a genius can do it. However, it will take long hours and in meantime, the security personnel of the casinos will detect the suspicious activity of the visitor and raise an alarm. Whoever has tried to do so have been caught.

RNG ensures that the result is of absolutely random and hence can maintain the honesty of the game.  The technology is still in its developing phase.  RNG certification indicates the casino’s transparency.