<![CDATA[Limerock Speedway - News]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 15:03:59 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Limerock Speedway Membership 2016]]>Sat, 02 Jan 2016 16:20:07 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/limerock-speedway-membership-discount-extended-to-may-31st-2014Picture
LEROY, NY - January 2,2016 - Limerock Speedway is pleased to announce that we are accepting  memberships.
Special Price until March 1,2016
$45 for Single and $65 for family

                                   Prices will be $50 for Single Membership, and $75 for Family membership, 

Membership saves you money at the gate, and more than pays for itself by the end of the season. It also offers voting rights to help shape the direction of the track, and discounts on merchandise.

For more information, and for the Membership Application, please visit www.LimerockSpeedway.com/info. Any questions should be directed to tricountyracingclub@gmail.com

For more information: LimerockSpeedway.comFB.com/LimerockSpeedway@LRSpeedway, or tricountyracingclub@gmail

<![CDATA[Limerock's Christmas Practice]]>Sat, 26 Dec 2015 16:17:54 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/limerocks-51st-season-opener-a-huge-successPicture
Santa came a little late for our drivers! On December 26, 2015 we were able to have a practice. At first it was not looking good with frost on the ground and some standing water but with all the phone calls on how we need to make this go, our track crew was there at 6:30 in the morning to make it happen. We need to give a big thank you to Santa's little helpers. The cars started showing up and the drivers we excited to get out on the track! Many drivers making the statement that this was the best christmas present they received this year. We also had our amazing fans down in turns 3 & 4 not letting the 40 degree temperature stop them from cheering. The track came in beautiful with the help of our drivers, we actually didn't think we were going to be able to get Cole MacDonald off the track. Gary Smith told Cole to get moving, so out of respect to his elders Cole did what he was told. I bet Gary will never do that again after a face full of mud! Shawn Freeland turned a 9.93! We had some racers show up with some more gifts for the children at Golisano Children's Hospital.  On December 19 we had collected toys that were delivered to the hospital by The Potter family. The turnout for both of these events were amazing . We can not wait to see what else 2016 will bring with a great board, great drivers and amazing fans!

<![CDATA[2016 Racing Season Update]]>Sun, 06 Dec 2015 22:08:43 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/wednesday-night-practices-comingWe have a tentative schedule posted! ]]><![CDATA[Election and rule changes]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2015 22:18:51 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/rain-racers-biggest-enemy-week-2-recapWe have held our annual meeting and the votes have been counted, the rules are set.We would like to Congratulate our new board members and thank our departing.
President: Stubby Pangrazio
Vice President : Greg Years
Secretary: Connie Szymkowiak
Treasurer: Kelly Mogavero
Facilities Director: 
Members at Large:
Josh Ames
Dennis Cummings
Dave Lewczyk
Joe White

The rules will be posted soon!]]>
<![CDATA[Minutes from meeting 2/26/15]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 00:28:50 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/minutes-from-meeting-22615
(click on photo for pdf)
<![CDATA[AMCA Racing Supply Sponsors Limerock Rookie of the Year Award, NY6A Tour Point Fund]]>Mon, 19 May 2014 02:41:05 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/amca-racing-supply-sponsors-limerock-rookie-of-the-year-award-ny6a-tour-point-fundPicture
MAY 18th, 2014 - Owners Bill Coffey and Mike Austin announced today that AMCA Racing Supply will be the Official Parts Trailer Supplier of the NY6A Tour. 

AMCA will funnel money into the NY6A Point Fund at the rate of $3.00 per tire purchased for 600 racing (other tires will not count toward the fund).

AMCA Racing Supply will also provide a 25 cent per gallon rebate towards the NY6A Tour Point Fund for each gallon of methanol sold to the tour teams. Drum sales are excluded.

The AMCA Racing Supply Rookie of The Year Award will also be supported with fuel sales at Limerock Speedway this season, with a 25 cent per gallon rebate that will be split among between all Rookie of the Year winners in each of the official Limerock classes. These also exclude drum sales.

NY6A Tour Races at Limerock Speedway will split the evenings' methanol rebate among the Tour Fund and the AMCA Racing Supply Rookie of The Year Award.

<![CDATA[Limerock Halted Due to Rain, Track Shows Great Potential for Upcoming Events]]>Sun, 04 May 2014 17:13:32 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/limerock-halted-due-to-rain-track-shows-great-potential-for-upcoming-eventsPictureBefore practice, 5/3/14
LEROY, NY - May 4th, 2014 - After fighting off the rain multiple times, and a great group effort getting the track packed in after the first rainstorm, Limerock Speedway had to cancel the show after getting part of the way through Heats/Qualifiers. 

Track officials held off watering the track before practice due to rain in the forecast, and it turned out to be the perfect call, as rain came through in the early evening and a deluge hit the track grounds for 15-20 minutes. After packing that moisture in, the track was arguably the best Limerock has ever seen. Smooth like no other, and unbelievable amounts of grip were found by even the loosest car.

Although the track showed its true potential, and foreshadowed how fantastic the racing surface will be this season on the new clay, the night's events were not meant to continue. After two heat races, between 8PM and 9PM, the skies opened up, and after 10 seconds, there was no question that the night was unfortunately over.

Track officials and teams alike are excited for the action to come at The Rock. The $500 to Win Icecracker 500 and the rest of Limerock's Season Opener events are rescheduled for May 24th, and next week, May 10th, the NY6A Tour makes its debut and invades Limerock Speedway for the first of three Tour shows that will take place there. All 600 Open cars are welcome, license-holder or not, to compete in NY6A Tour shows. For more information, visit NY6ATour.com.

For more information: LimerockSpeedway.comFB.com/LimerockSpeedway@LRSpeedway, or LRSpeedway@gmail.com

Packing the track into a beautiful smooth surface after post-practice rainfall
<![CDATA[4/19 Test & Tune at Limerock Speedway a Success]]>Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:56:38 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/419-test-tune-at-limerock-speedway-a-successPicturePhoto Courtesy of: Anthony Bristol Images
LEROY, NY - April 23rd, 2014 = After a very long winter, and even further delay after the first Test & Tune session was cancelled due to weather/track conditions, the Rock finally opened its doors again on Saturday 4/19, and provided multiple practice sessions for all cars that desired them.

Even though there was quite a bit of sunshine all day, the track still started off with a great amount of grip, and many were impressed with the widening and increased number of available racing grooves. 

After running it in for about four hours straight in the beating sun, from 12PM-4PM, the track did start to slick off a bit, but track officials and T.C.R.C. Board Members are convinced that during normal evening hours of track operation, the track will hold moisture better than it ever has before.

One driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated, "I'm afraid to even put more gear in the car - I'm already scared to death, that track is crazy fast right now!"

The track is abuzz, and ready for action. Limerock Speedway's Season Opener is scheduled for Saturday, April 26th, and is expected to be a huge treat, featuring the 600 Open class in the $500 to win Icecracker 500. Watch for post-race results of the Icecracker 500 and all of Limerock Speedway's weekly events on LimerockSpeedway.com, and Twitter @LRSpeedway.com.

For more information: LimerockSpeedway.comFB.com/LimerockSpeedway, @LRSpeedway, or LRSpeedway@gmail.com 

<![CDATA[Limerock Announces Kart&Micro Tech Inspectors]]>Sun, 13 Apr 2014 21:52:04 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/limerock-announces-kartmicro-tech-inspectorsPicture
Limerock Speedway is very pleased to announce Rich Gamrod as Head Kart Tech inspector for the 2014 season.

He joins Keith Heater, our Head Microsprint Tech inspector, to round out the positions for this season. Rich has been a certified tech for several years, and also does tech at Avon, as well as for the NYDKS series.

<![CDATA[Test & Tune to be Held At Limerock Speedway April 12th/April 19th]]>Mon, 17 Mar 2014 18:27:49 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/test-tune-to-be-held-at-limerock-speedway-april-12thapril-19thPicture
Limerock Speedway, for the first time in an age, will offer pre-season Test & Tune days on Saturday, April 12th and Saturday, April 19th. 

Come figure out your setup and gearing, we've got new new clay and re-cut/contoured corners that are sure to mix things up and provide some great racing action!

 On both of those days, gates will open at 11AM, and cars will be hitting the track at 12PM - the session will end at 4PM.

The cost will be $15.00 per car for those with Limerock Membership OR an NY6A License, and $20.00 for non-members. There will be no individual admission charge, but everyone *must* sign in. 

The format will be single car, getting 5 lap segments. We do not anticipate concessions being open.

<![CDATA[Castle Products Inc. added as 600 Open Sponsor]]>Mon, 10 Mar 2014 21:45:35 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/castle-products-inc-added-as-600-open-sponsorPicture
Limerock Speedway is proud to add Castle Products Inc. as a marketing partner. Castle Products will sponsor the 600 Open class every week in the form of the "Castle Packs Power Move of the Race". 

The award will be given to the competitor who improves their starting position the most in the feature event. Packages will vary, but every award will contain quality Castle products. For more information on Castle Products, visit www.castlepackspower.com and Castle Products Inc. on Facebook.

For more information, visit LimerockSpeedway.comFacebook.com/LimerockSpeedway, or email LRSpeedway@gmail.com

<![CDATA[Limerock Speedway, Le Roy NY Celebrates 50th Season of Racing, Announces 2014 Schedule]]>Wed, 29 Jan 2014 04:14:49 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/limerock-speedway-leroy-ny-celebrates-50th-season-of-racing-announces-2014-scheduleWe at Limerock Speedway are pleased to announce our 2014 Schedule of Events.

The club has been putting in a lot of work to ensure our 50th year of racing is a huge success. We're happy to announce we'll be hosting a myriad of special events this season, and would like to publicly extend an invitation to all micro racers, kart racers, and race fans in general to join us. We've laid down fresh clay for the 2014 season, so spectators and racers alike - come check us out!

Some of the few highlights you won't want to miss this season include the 270 Road Show event on May 17th, the Grass Drags on June 7th, our Second Annual Woodchuck 100, the Bob Kelly Memorial race Aug. 23rd, and our Sprints to the Cure, All Female 600 event still TBA.

We're also very excited to debut the NY6A Tour, with Limerock Speedway as its home track. Other tracks the NY6A Tour will be tearing up this season include Brewerton Speedway, Freedom Speedway, Black Rock Speedway, and Raceway 5. For more information on the NY6A Tour and its partner tracks, please visit www.NY6ATour.com and sign up for the email list. Be sure to also LIKE the NY6A Facebook Page.

For more information, visit LimerockSpeedway.com, Facebook.com/LimerockSpeedway, or email LRSpeedway@gmail.com
<![CDATA[2014 Pit Spot Reservations]]>Mon, 13 Jan 2014 02:15:08 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/2014-pit-spot-reservationsSAVE YOUR PIT SPOT for next season! Electric spots will cost $50 member/$75 non-member, non-electric spots $25 member/$50 non-member. Sign up for membership with the downloadable form on the homepage of www.LimerockSpeedway.com, and bring the check if you're coming to the banquet! Email Board Member Wayne Vosburg vsracing35@yahoo.com to make arrangements for reserving your spot. Last years' reservations will be saved until the season opener.]]><![CDATA[2013 Limerock Speedway Banquet]]>Thu, 07 Nov 2013 01:54:59 GMThttp://www.limerockspeedway.com/news/2013-limerock-speedway-banquetThe banquet is to be held on 1/18/2014 at 5 P.M. at the Whittier Party House.
88 Whittier Rd, Ogden, NY, 14614.

Tickets are $25.00 per person, $19.00 for members. Members can purchase for non-members.

Make your checks out to Tri County Racing Club and please mail to:
Tri County Racing Club c/o Danny Knoll
3005 Niagara Falls Blvd
Amherst NY 14228

Everyone is welcome, no membership needed!

If anyone wants to place an ad in the banquet program contact Danny Knoll at (716)-531-1208 or at mobilhorse@gmail.com.