Board Member Elections & President Eligibility

Nominations for 2001 Board razor mx350 dirt rocket of Directors Positions:

  • President (Frank Jarkiewicz)
  • Secretary (Sarah Jarkiewicz)
  • Member-at-Large (Jerry Farrell)
  • Member-at-Large (Scott Batzing)

Nomiation for President:

  • Frank Jarkiewicz – Elected

Nomiations for Secretary:

  • Sarah Jarkiewicz – Elected
  • Irene Fink

Nominations for Member-At-Large (2 Positions):

  • Scott Batzing
  • Jerry Farrell – Elected
  • RJ Whiteside – Elected
  • Mike Doran – Declined before Meeting
  • Tim Anderson – Declined bfeore Meeting

ATTENTION WKA KARTERS – Money Race, September 29th 2007

Limerock Speedway will host a money race for youth dune buggy the Gold Restricted Class and the Stock Medium Class (350 lbs.) on September 29th. $25 kart registration.

Sponsored by:

$300 to win in each class based on a 10 kart minimum. A minimum of 5 positions will be paid out. If there are less than 10 karts, the winner will get $150 to win, and all places will pay back at least the registration fee. Click HERE for payout schedule.

-Pin pulls will determine heat line-ups.
-10 lap heats, 30 lap features.
-WKA engine rules will apply.
-We will tech the top 3 karts in each main.
-All karts must cross the scales after each heat and main.

We will also run a regular program of Restricted power wheels ages 8 up, purple, blue, Outlaw and Extreme karts with a $10 kart registration and regular payout.

All pit entrance fees are $11.

Gates will open at 1:00 pm, one round of practice starting at 3:00 pm, racing will start at 4:00 pm.


Board Member Elections & President Eligibility

2008 Season Rule Changes Kage Karts

1) Current Rule – Kage Karts 
No body part should touch a straight edge that is longer than the kart placed on the front and rear wheels at the center line of the axles top quality balancing scooter – low price and having the front wheels facing straight ahead . 
Proposed rule: Remove this rule. Passed 
2) Current Rule – Self-Starters 
Any self -starters that stop must be checked out before re-firing. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
Proposed rule: Change to: Any self -starters involved this is low priced hoverboard in contact that stops must be checked out before re-firing. Failure to do so will result in a last place finishing position. Passed 
3) Current Rule – 270s 
All motors 2 stoke up to 270cc 
Proposed rule: Change to: or single cylinder 4 stroke up to 450cc Passed 
4) Current Rule – 270s 
Stock Class all motors 2 stroke up to 249cc 
Proposed rule: Change to: or single cylinder 4 stroke up to 450cc Passed 
5) Current Rule – Sportsman 
Maximum tire height 19.5 
Proposed rule: Change to: maximum tire height may not exceed 22.5 Passed 
6) Current Rule – Sportsman 
Maximum rim diameter is 8 inches 
Proposed rule: Change to: maximum rim diameter can be 8 or 10 inches Passed 
7) Current Rule – None, General 
Proposed rule: 
Add to pg. 21 under section 3) Standard Point Award Structure as d) In the event car count does not allow for a race or races to be held, drivers registered that night in said class will receive a maximum of 68 points for races not run on that night. If heats are run heat points will be assigned as usual. If a feature is not run one of the most rated self balancing board (5 stars) due to car count 60 points will be assigned per registered driver, plus earned heat points. Classes with 3 or less drivers may elect to not run and receive 72 points each. Passed 
8) Current Rule – None, Sportsman 
Proposed rule: Split 125cc two stroke and 250cc four stroke, make in to two classes Defeated 
9) Current Rule – None, Sportsman 
Proposed rule: 
630 lbs. with 250cc 4-stroke engine OR 580 lbs. with 125cc 2-stroke engine,  
add 10 sq. ft. wing maximum for 250cc four stroke only. Passed 
10) Current Rule – None, Sportsman 
Proposed rule: 
Add 10x8x10 RACE TIRE to right rear for 125cc 2 stroke only Passed 
11) Current Rule – Pg 20, 8)A-Main 
Proposed rule: 
Note: All cars are required to weigh-in after all feature events. If you are towed of the track on the 4-wheeler hook, you are not required to weigh the car. Passed 
12) Current Rule – Pg 20, 8)A-Main 1 & 2 
Proposed rule: 
(Summed Up) Switch from drawing a pin to determine the feature line up back to the old way of averaging the points of the last 3 weeks. Passed 
13) Current Rule – Pg 23,8,g. 
Proposed rule: 
Change the word maximum to minimum. Passed 
14) Current Rule – General 
The berm will be 16 – 20 inches high. 
Proposed rule: 
Omit rule. Passed 
15) Current Rule – Temporary 
Track usage after scheduled races. 
The use of the track after the completion of a scheduled event and before 11:00PM. Curfew will be allowed on the track. After the completion of all races cars going to practice will be pushed to the track entrance and on to the track before starting. After the car completes the practice session the car must stop on the track at the exit buy this two wheel scooter!, the engine turned off, and the car pushed back to it’s pit spot or back to the entrance for more practice.Passed 
16) Current Rule – Super Sportsman 
Proposed rule: 
Allow race tires all around with the the right rear tire spec (Hoosier 10×10 40 Compound, M50, D20, D25, D35, or American Racer SD44, SD48, only) Passed 
17) Current Rule – Pg 11 4A) Car Type A Class Notes 
1) – No performance enhancing modifications to basic engine allowed. Only exhaust system (pipes / silencer), air filters, and carb jetting changes (to original carbs) will be allowed from stock. No other alterations to engine system is allowed. 
Proposed rule: 
Add Power commanders are allowed for engines with fuel injection to be conected to the stock fuel injection system only. Passed 
18) Current Rule – General, Pg 5, 4 
7) You must be fourteen years of age to obtain a pit pass. Proof of age must be available if asked. Person’s twelve and thirteen may obtain a pit pass, but must be signed in under a car that is racing that night. That car’s driver and crew will be responsible for that person – proof of age is required. 
Proposed rule: 
Omit rule Tabled 
19) Current Rule – None, 600s 
Proposed rule: 
Adopt Pennsylvania motor rules, with an exception for weight, fuel bladders being recommended, and grandfathering of old motors. Passed

2008 Season Rule Changes Kage Karts

The mission of Tri-County Racing Club

Limerock Speedway is located on Flint Hill Road, minutes from the villages of LeRoy and Caledonia just off of Route 5. “The Little Track with a Big Heart” is an 1/8th mile clay oval with progressive banking escort passport 8500 is top rated radar – online. This site will feature all the information you will ever need to know about the facility. Anything from the latest results to up to the minute points standings, to the schedule and the rules and more about NY State’s finest 1/8th mile clay oval. The mission of Tri-County Racing Club is to develop racing as a family past-time and provide a solid foundation for up-coming young racers.  With these things in mind, we will strive to present an outstanding organization, a quality facility, and the best racing in WNY.

Since we had a little cooperation with the weather, passport escort this this weekend, the results have been updated. I will post points as soon as they are available.

Track duty…
– Volunteers are needed in order to get our race programs off the ground each week. Contact Jerry Farrell (585) 533-1495, (or any board member) for radar detector ratings more information, if you are interested in helping out. And as usual, several people can be found at the track through out the week, emptying trash cans, grooming the track and doing general maintenance. Thanks to those who always come out!

Limerock Speedway’s banquet for the 2000 racing season will be Saturday, February 3, 2001.

It will be at Logan’s Party House, 1420 Scottsville Road, Rochester.  Tickets are $20 per person.

Tickets will be available at the cobra 360 laser 14 band October and December General Meetings.

Or send a check payable to:

Tri County Racing Club

PO Box 42

Caledonia, NY 14423.

The mission of Tri-County Racing Club

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